Albion rises again...


The new incarnation of Albion will awaken in 2018.

Albion's first existence was a journey of adventure, taking us through caves, real ales, festivals, bicycles, and much else, aiming always to innovate, imagine, and dream. We closed the group down in 2016, seeking personal and musical space and refreshment. We were overwhelmed and humbled by the emotion and love which greeted both our existence and our disappearance.

The choir lay dormant, and we all went our separate ways to new experiences. The spirit of Albion - the openness, the adventure, the communication - has lived on amongst so many singers, audiences, friends (we are all friends). It was the right time to end things when we did. I knew that we would all take our own riches away from it. Due to building momentum and new buds of hope, I am thrilled to announce that in 2018, we will all come back together to continue this exploration of what it is to make music, to be connected to the people and the world around us. 

This will be a new Albion, a group sustained by the same values and spirit as the first, but with new impetus, new connections, new life. Energy is building now towards what the new group will be. Anyone who wants to be involved in whatever way This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The new group will be even more open-hearted and open-minded than before, and we want to bring our music-making wherever it is wanted and welcomed. 

We'll proudly make our first Sheffield public appearance at the BRADFIELD FESTIVAL OF MUSIC on 23 June 2018. Before and after that there will be many moments of connection and revelation as we prepare and reimagine what this group is. 

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What is Albion?

Uniquely among choral groups, ALBION sings the musics of "these islands" – England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales - and further afield. The islands' musical heritage stretches back a thousand years, offering a rich store of treasures: dances, folksongs, madrigals, plainsong chants, airs, anthems, and more. In their variety and beauty, they lie at the heart of Albion's inspiration.

Some of our most popular songs include Jerusalem, Scarborough Fair, The Skye Boat Song, and O Danny Boy. Many of the songs are hundreds of years old, but in Fraser Wilson's arrangements they are reclothed in lush contemporary colours. Working with up to twelve singers at a time, Albion performs mostly unaccompanied, allowing the purity of the human voice to sound across the centuries. The group is known for a fresh sound and vibrant energy, for its captivating performance style, and for warm, wholehearted music-making.

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Here's the essence of Albion in 9 minutes:

Albion on Record


 Our four studio & live recordings capture the essential beauty of Albion.

They are all available as digital downloads and CDs, and are accompanied by striking images and all the song texts.

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