We salute you!

After eons of waiting, here it is! Our new record is available!

We've created a page where you can find out how to get your hands on it;

I've spent an hour typing waffle into a computer just so you can read the programme notes and buy it from Bandcamp;

and if you want to hear the preview then you can come over here.

Here are 40 of the discs sprayed liberally all over my living room carpet. But they can't stay there, so you'd better saddle up and take some of them off my hands!


Where we're at

We have been so busy recently, I've not had time to tell you all about it.  Our Facebook page has been a hive of activity though - check it out. We have finished our first record, SALUTATION - so exciting! It's being produced as I speak, and it'll be here in time for the launch on Thursday 22 November. Here we are after our wonderful producer Stewart shouted "That's a wrap folks". Actually I think he might not have done that, I just imagined it.


We also did a great concert in October and last night found ourselves in some caves 500 ft underground getting dripped on! As you do...

And now onto the Christmas stuff. Book your tickets now - we're going to have a blast this winter, and we want you to join us. Salutation will be released physically and online in a couple of weeks. You will be able to buy both e-copies and physical copies via our website. It's going to be epic...  Follow us!

Catch us if you can!

We have a couple of cool public performances coming up over the next few weeks:

firstly as part of the Great Yorkshire Run, at 3pm in the Peace Gardens in Sheffield on Sunday week (details here),

and then in the Culture Club Showcase (where there will be all things Sheffield culture etc) on Wednesday 19 September (details and free tickets here). Be great to see you at one or other of those.

Albion in the Autumn

Our next live full-length concert is on Saturday 6 October, here in Sheffield at the lovely Upper Chapel. (It’s on Norfolk Street just opposite Mama’s and Leonies, just up from the Crucible. It’s a beautiful church with a balcony and a great acoustic, and it will be a really fine evening’s experience.)

We’ll be singing many of our (your) favourite songs, and will be joined by some special guests – more on them in September’s Albionmail. We really want to see you there, and I warmly - no, boilingly - invite you to bring your friends and colleagues along too.

You can now buy tickets for Albion events online: click here to purchase and guarantee your place! *

More music for our man

Congratulations on James' appointment as [very] Musical Director of the Chesterfield [not much] Bach Choir. To celebrate, here's a picture of him looking like a lion.

Special ticket offer for our next appearance

I think we might have gone stark raving mad! We are offering tickets to our next concert appearance for just FIVE POUNDS! This is better value than, well, anything else I can think of, with the possible exception of the Sheffield University squash courts which are just £2 per hour before 11am. But still - we really want to share the special atmosphere of our live performances with you all, and if you contact us before the day you can reserve as many tickets as you like for this crazy ridiculous rate. Just contact us using this form and we'll reserve the tickets for you to pay for on the day. Quick, before I realise we've no marbles left...

Our Tideswell Triumph!

We had a wonderful time at the Tideswell Food Festival this weekend! 

A particular highlight of the day was this: singing with horses!

The Tideswell Food Festival

We are delighted to have confirmed our appearance at the 2012 Tideswell Food Festival!

Tideswell is a gorgeous village with a green (complete with maypole), lots of lovely independent shops, some nice pubs with good beer, and a picture-perfect church. It nestles in the heart of the Peak District beneath towering mountains and dramatic views. And, far more importantly, it hosts a fabulous Food Festival each year.

In 2011 the Festival featured on the BBC2 programme Village SOS, and this year's festival is going to be even bigger and more exciting for anyone who loves food (ie all of us). And in the middle of this slice of English country life will be appearing ALBION - believe it or not, our first EVER appearance at a food festival (collectively anyway). We'll be singing in the unutterably lovely Tideswell Parish Church throughout the afternoon, and getting out and about amongst the food and enjoying ourselves in the sun. If you are within reach of Tideswell (by car, bus or cycle from all around including Sheffield, Chesterfield, and Buxton) you simply MUST come for a day of foodie bliss!

More information about the Festival can be found here.

Jerusalem on a hill

We spent a lovely sunny day out in the hills.  Here is a very brilliant impromptu video we made of which we are most proud, or something. I drastically reduced the image quality in honour of the quality of the singing. Particular highlights to watch out for include several people not singing at all, some people looking very snug in Arctic exploring gear, and Albion cookies being wolfed at a rate of knots. It's also a very beautiful song, by the way.

Dada Bar, Wednesday evening

We were very happy to appear at Dada Bar last Wednesday evening, and to meet fans old and new. We sang The Blue Bird, In The Beginning, Jerusalem, the Skye Boat Song, The Month of Maying, and A Gaelic Blessing. Well done to Chris for singing all those millions of words in the Blessing from memory - nearly - and to Jonny for his incredible rendition of In The Beginning. It was beyond the composer's imagination. It was great to meet some people who I don't think would ever have come to an Albion concert intentionally, but who loved it when they found themselves in the middle of it. And we had an epic karaoke session afterwards, led by James and Mark - I won't look at either of them in the same light again..

Drinks and ditties at DADA

This week we are looking forward to an appearance at Wednesday's Classical Music Night. This time it's being held at DADA BAR on Trippet Lane - a lovely venue that we remember from back in the day when it was Trippet's Wine Lodge and oh so very fancy. It will be very good to share some of our new songs over a glass of wine (or a quadruple vodka, if that's your style). The evening starts at about 8.30 - more details here. We'll look forward to seeing you.


to Albion member James, who has just been appointed a member of the wonderful Rodolfus Choir. We hope this doesn't mean that he will always be off being dazzled by the bright lights of London, and that he will still have time to have long hair and pretend to play the saxophone with us here in the north.

Programme, 14 March

A number of people have asked about our programme for 14 March, the performance we gave in the University Arms. (It was brilliant at the start, singing in amongst people quaffing pints of mead and glasses of wine - and then trying to move through them to get to the other end of the pub! It all added to the fun!)

For the record, on the night we sang In The Beginning (text: The King James Bible, 1611); The Angel Gabriel (a Besancon - French - carol); The Month of Maying (text: 16th century England); The Blue Bird (by Stanford); and Jerusalem (the poem is by William Blake). Those of you who asked "Who is that lovely music by?", well, mostly it is by ME! The Stanford is by Stanford, the Angel Gabriel and Jerusalem existed as tunes which I put other parts around, and the other two songs were new compositions.

Thank you to the Unviersity Arms, Sheffield Classical Music Nights, and our wonderful Management Group, and particularly everyone who came to listen, for supporting us. Now we're off to a mountaintop to see have any lambs been born yet.