The Salutation Ringtone

That's right - it's finally here. The Christmas accessory you didn't know you wanted, and possibly still don't.  Still, it's here and it's ready to celebrate. Fire this bad boy up into your Morse machine and it'll alert you with a merry blast of "Nowell, nowell"... The perfect interruption to a peaceful journey in the Quiet Coach or that lovely genteel pub lunch with your grandparents. "Nowell, nowell"... It'll blow your brains off. And probably make you answer the phone with all possible haste.

Oh and it's free like. 

Follow the links to download:

the MP3 version (should work on all modern phones)

the M4A version (I don't know how this differs from the above)

the M4R version (if you have an iPhone, you'll want this version)

If you're not flash at installing them, this search should help.

Enjoy "ringing in" Christmas in style! And follow this link for the lowdown on SALUTATION.