Meeting Albion on BBC Radio 3

Here's our bass Andy introducing Albion to the world on BBC Radio 3's The Choir. First broadcast 1 February 2015.

Albion Underground - songs in the caves

Here's a video about our underground odyssey... 

Thanks to Sarah and Leon at Soundhouse Media. More HERE

A Christmas message from Albion

It's now a bit out of date, of course (for another 11 months), but nevertheless here is what happens when you put 12 lovely young things in front of a camera and tell them it's Christmas...

He wishes for the cloths of heaven

Since the day I wrote it, this setting of WB Yeats' amazing text has been one of the most popular Albion songs.

We have now (with the help of our friends Georgia, Kate, and Andy) made a video to go alongside it!

I spent a day filming in the Peaks and so there are some nice sunsets and things alongside the gorgeous people of Albion singing. 

Salutation preview

Seven and a half minutes of preview bliss!